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prep & aftercare

how to care for your lashes, brows, and skin before and after your appointment.

lash prep

Always come to your lash appointment  with clean lashes free of eye makeup.  Even when coming in for a fill washing your lashes/extensions prior will result  in longer lasting lashes. 

hybrid set
lash prep
lash aftecare

lash aftercare

  • Keep lashes dry for the first  24hrs. Lash glues cure rather than dry and take a minimum of 24hrs to cure completely.

  • Be sure to use oil free products including face wash, makeup remover, moisturizer etc.

  • Avoid steam, overly hot showers and saunas. This can reactivate the glue causing bad retention in the extensions and lashes sticking together.

  • Brush your lashes daily, especially after sleeping.  

  • Lashes will group together when wet (after showers & washing face). Allow them to dry and  brush them with your spoolie and they will fluff back out.

  • Do not pick, pull or cut your extensions! remember they are attached to your natural lashes .

  • After the first 24hrs wash your lashes daily with an oil-free foaming cleanser to keep lashes  clear of oils, debris, allergens, makeup & daily bacteria. This will result in healthy natural lashes and long-lasting extensions.

    Lash wash is available in studio as well as our online store!

wax prep
wax aftercare

wax prep

  • Gently exfoliate and moisturize the area the day before 

  • Hair should be at least a quarter inch long 

  • Avoid the use of fake tan or sun beds 24hrs prior to service

  • Come in lose fitting clothing 

Orange Wax

wax aftercare

  • Wash hands before touching waxed area 

  • No fake tan or sun beds for 24hrs 

  • No pools, saunas or hot tubs for 24-48hrs

  • Avoid any sweaty activity for 48hrs 

  • Avoid deodorants & fragrances for 24hrs

  • Sleep in freshly cleaned , sheets, blankets & bedding 

  • Moisturize and exfoliate daily starting the day after your service. Our in the buff foaming salt scrub is available in salon and on our online store 

  • Use an ingrown hair treatment daily. Our good kitty ingrown hair serum can be purchased in salon or on our online store.

  • Wax every 3-4 weeks 

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