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Do lash extensions damage your lashes?


Lash extensions are individually attached to your natural lashes.

As long as the length and weight of the extension is not more than what your natural lash can support, (along with  proper care, being sure not to rub,  pick or pull them) there will be no damage.

How often do I need to get my lashes done? 

Lash extensions will last about 4 weeks. A fill will be needed every 2-3  weeks to maintain them.
Any fill over 4  weeks is considered a new set.

Is it painful? 

No, Most clients actually find the process of getting their lashes done  quite relaxing and doze off.  

Can I still wear eye makeup? 

Yes you can, just be sure to remove all traces of makeup and wash  lashes with a foaming lash wash afterwards.  

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